At Last, We Found In My Own Country


It have been a very long time until realizing the real usul, tauhid and akidah. I have been searching this more than 8 years. Trigger was ilmu nafas, but since the beginning the Guru Feqah never can expelled ‘Why I am here’ and ‘Why am I alive to be a sinner’. Should be better die today than holding the whole life full of sin. Now there is a light in life real. So real.. Thank you very much Tuan Hj. Insyaallah makrifat tauhid will lasting. I am following you after saw this blog. But, cannot expect people will easily trying to understand. Since Ilmu itself own by Allah. Hopefully Allah will keep you go with this Ilmu. Insyaallah. I have been travelled so many countries. But last, found in my own country. Thank you very much. Danke.

N.Nushi | | | 23/04/2014 jam 3:25 AM


5 Replies to “At Last, We Found In My Own Country”

  1. Salam Tuan Guru n salam semua. I just want to write in English. We are actually the followers of the TAUHID of IBRAHIM. Prophet Muhammad Prophethood was to CORRECT AKHLAK. He brought with him SYARIAT MUHAMMAD, these are for life guidance. After his death, a lots are corrupted by ARABs. Tauhid IBRAHIM , can be seen in Brahma HINDU and people of this part of the World (NUSANTARA), has long been following this TAUHID , people were misled thinking it was HINDUISM . This Brahma hindu does not have IDOLs in the worships…..


  2. Assalamu’alaikum Tuan Guru Hj Shaari. Allow me to comment and mind me if I am wrong.

    N Nushi you are absolutely on the right track after witnessing this website. May Allah bless you with hikmah and invaluable makrifah knowledge towards Oneness. Remember that I bear witness there is no god but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Also to memorise by heart that these Kalimah Tauhid and Kalimah Rasul cannot be individually separated. TQ.


  3. sebelumnya kubersyukur oleh allah telah dipertemukan oleh tuan guru haji melalui video dan artikel2nya,kuberharap tuan guru,mau menerimaku sbgai murid,wlwpun kita tak bertemu muka,sbb dg penjelasannya,alhamdulillah menambah keyakinanku lg,salam hormat dr aku tuan guru


  4. maaf aku lupa kasih tau tempatku,kutinggal dikalimanta timur indonesia,didekat bontang,kusudah berapa bulan ikut baca artikel dan lihat video tuan guru,dan video tuan guru,aku uda sebarkan kpada yg sepemahaman dan yg mau blajar,alhamdullillah,mereka sangat senang menerimanya


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